Letter for staff – Essential Services Permit to Perform Essential Services below

CEFA Permit to Perform Essential Services

CEFA notes that some member companies fall within the scope of an essential service or part of the supply chain for essential services and need information ito of being exempted from the lockdown. At this stage we are awaiting the  publication of the Government Gazette with the required detail relating to Essential Services and associate protocols at approximately 11am [25/03/2020].

In the meantime a basic draft letter has been developed for those staff who will need to be retained for the purposes of ensuring ongoing production and/or services and/or support of Essential Industries or businesses that may need to have a formal company letter which they will carry in the possible event they are challenged as to their reason for continuing to work and/or travel.

Please download Permit to Perform Essential Services below


Please download Critical Business Continity Services in Covid19 Response below