Notice of intention to strike

The talk of national mass action on 24 February 2021 will be in line with the attached applications to NEDLAC and will therefore be protected. Whilst the Application sites the 3 unions, it does cover all workers irrespective of membership to those unions or not. As these unions are all federated to SAFTU, it is highly probable that the other SAFTU unions will support this action. However, please note that a section 77 application does cover all workers irrespective of affiliation to any union or not.

SAFTU federated unions include: MATUSA, DETAWU, NTM, THOR, NUMSA, TASWU, NUPSAW, SALIPSWU SAPSU, SAPU, YNITU, SASWU, SASCU, FAWU, CWAWU, SAICWU, ICTU. We have had confirmation from our NUMSA Local offices that they intend to support the mass action.

MANAGEMENT ACTION: Inform all workers that any absences related to the protest action will be treated on the following basis:

  • No work, no pay;
  • No disciplinary action;
  • Metal Industry: A shift for leave pay and leave enhancement pay qualification purposes will be lost in respect of the day’s absence;
  • Metal Industry: Any overtime worked during the course of the week will be paid at ordinary rates up to 40hrs, only thereafter will overtime be calculated;
  • BCEA and other Sector provisions may apply
  • All absence will be regarded as a stay away, should a person have an alternate reason for not attending work, they must provide documentary proof such as a medical certificate if sick

Also be aware that some workers may not be able to get to work due to disruption on transport routes. The principles above will still apply. Businesses will need to do their own risk assessment and contingency planning.

Should you have any additional queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.